Cyber Security Experts

Cyber exposures demand both technical expertise in cyber security and traditional expertise in risk management and claims. In addition to conventional loss limits, insureds are also seeking consulting services and advisory components to their coverage to prevent losses from data breach and other cyber threats.

Cyber Related Threats Are Growing

Insurers should take a cautious approach to cyber exposures because of uncertainty in pricing and underwriting cyber risk. However, the growth of cyber-related threats of data breach and hacking intrusions will continue to spur demand for cyber risk protection. The market is estimated to grow tenfold in the next five years.

Cyber Security

 Cyber Risk Threats Come From Every Deparment

While the media focuses on the threats from hackers in rogue states leaking corporate secrets and stealing customer data, most cyber risk threats are not limited to the IT department.

SCI has A Complete Approach

Cyber risk includes of threats from networks, physical media, employee education and corporate procedures and controls. SCI has developed a complete approach to cyber risk loss control that includes physical site inspection and interview process along with advanced cyber security risk assessment to holistically identify and analyze client cyber risk exposures and protection.

Complete Approach

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