A Real-Time, Interactive, Secure Alternative to On-Site Inspections

What are Virtual Inspections and How Do They Work

SCI’s secure technology connects a qualified inspector to the insured’s cell phone to perform an virtual loss control inspection walk-through.

The inspector and the insured set an appointment. A link is sent to the insured to click from their cell phone at the appointed date and time. Once activated by both parties, the inspector sees the insured’s camera view from their computer on the SCI platform.

After an initial interview, the insured is directed to carry their cell phone inside and outside of the building. Pictures are taken by the inspector from his or her computer and uploaded directly into SCI’s platform.

The link cannot be re-used without the consent of both parties. The inspector cannot see anything on the insured’s phone except the camera view.

How does SCI manage virtual inspections?

SCI will contact the agent or the insured to explain the nature of the Virtual Visit. We’ll assure them that our inspectors will not be able to see anything that is on the insured’s phone, the insured will not need to download any app or software; this is a one-time-use link that does not have any other application. Once explained, we will assign to a qualified inspector.

Cyber Inspections

 How does this benefit you?

Experienced inspectors will be used for Virtual Visit work. Without geographic limitations our best inspectors countrywide can perform your inspections in virtually any part of the county. Virtual Visits can be a loss control solution for the pandemic, but also a cost saving alternative for rural locations under any conditions. Additionally, time-service will continue at the levels you’ve come to expect from SCI.


What is the cost?

Virtual Inspections reduce cost, while you receive reports with excellent information on the exposures and controls, relevant photos and outstanding time service, regardless of the insured location.

Complete Approach

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